Thursday, August 31, 2006

And Karma is back on my side

We had a structural engineer come to our house tonight and look at the foundation and all around the house. It was quite simple to do - he is the husband of my mother's best friend - and he did it for absolutely nothing. He and B went over every inch of the house and he says our foundation is actually in remarkably good shape! The crack in the foundation that we discovered on Sunday as well as the one near the stairs are not endangering our house (as far as he can tell,) and the believes that they can be fixed up with injection of silicon - and that he probably has the stuff we need to use to do it and he can show B how to do it himself. Even if he doesn't have the stuff, it's only going to cost us around $100 max to buy it.

We went from thinking about taking out a $10K loan to maybe spending $100 and some elbow grease!!!

Man, I feel like I could walk on air.

Oh, and we got new gutters yesterday, too. So, a new roof, new gutters, and the news that our foundation isn't going to be destroyed the next time it rains is making me one happy happy mama! :-)

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