Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Come on and Shake, Shake , Shake it!

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Enjoy your day!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Email Address and Google chat address

Dear friends,

I have recently changed my address to reflect my position in the newest Donation Based Yoga Studio in Mid-MO.  Please change your address books to reflect that my new address is SARAH@YOGASOL.ORG.

I may occasionally check this mamakohl account, but this will be the last email I send from here.

Blessings to you all....

Live Well,
"I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks." - DANIEL BOONE

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ugh, i've been hacked by Reunion dot com

I'm sorry for the inconvenience everyone.  Somehow I managed to get hacked this morning by   I didn't send any of the emails you may have gotten from that group and I'm very sorry if it caused any inconvenience.  I'm telling everyone that I didn't send it -- I am more than frustrated.


Live Well,

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Thursday, June 21, 2007


Blogger pisses me off, so I have a new home!
Check me out and change your bookmarks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yesterday was teeth, today is paint

B just took the kiddos to the inlaws for another trial visit. 
His parting words to me were, "I hope you're dressed in rags and are ready to bust ass when I get home." 
Translation:  I expect you to be ready to work 'cause I'm throwing you a paint roller the second I return."

I countered with, "Well, I hope that you are appreciative and ready to reward my ass at the appropriate time."
Translation:  I'll be ready to work when I'm damned good and ready and, in return, you're throwing me a beer the second it turns noon."
Let the games begin.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A day with teeth

My children clearly have inherited some things from their parents.  Duck has my coloring, but looks just like B.  Stealth has B's coloring, but his face is just like mine.  Duck is into music like me, Stealth is a rabid angler, just like B.  Duck's moodiness = B, his temper = me.  Stealth's sense of humor = B, his creativity = well, both of us.
But they have also inherited some not so appealing things, too.  Namely horrible teeth.
Mine have always been straight, I've never needed braces.  B needed braces forever, but now has perfectly straight teeth.  The boys, thus far, seem to have straight teeth like me, but they also have gotten the rotten teeth from my side of the family.  Yep, they get brushed and flossed and rinsed at least twice a day, but still, they are rotten.  Duck has had 4 root canals and a filling and Stealth has had a filling - that fell out.  AGH.
So today we went to a new dentist (don't even get me started on the catastrophe that was the last dentist,) and let me just say, I *LOVE* this new dentist.  He's in town (instead of driving 30 miles,) the office is clean and decorated with art, the folks are nice, the office manager (and hygienist, etc.) is a dream - I'm serious, this guy is so awesome I wanted to steal him.  The dentist himself is lovely, the receptionist is awesome, and get this - THEY HAVE NITROUS!!  Oh thank you, Elvis, for nitrous.  The last dentist didn't have laughing gas and just jabbed the Novocaine needle into my children's mouths without warning and then told them "if you don't settle down, we'll have to go to the hospital right now and you'll have surgery!!!"  (Didn't I tell you it was a fan-fucking-tastic disaster there?)
Why am I so thrilled about this laughing gas?  Because we found out today that Duck needs at least as much work done again as he has had done before (yikes, 4 more root canals at least???) and Stealth needs to have the tooth pulled that lost the filling and has a few more cavities that need to be filled.  Those poor kids!
At least the dentist sat me down and said, "You are doing *everything right.*  The teeth in both of the boys are so very clean.  I can tell you brush all the time.  It's just genetic.  And, after all, they are just baby teeth.  Duck's molars look awesome!  Don't worry about it, continue to do what you're doing, and we'll just take care of these guys."  Whew.  As if I don't have enough Mama guilt as it is.
It's not all going to be done in one visit - we'll split it up into several visits per kid, no more than one hour in the chair at a time.  They are open to doing it on days that work best for us (hooray!!) and really are just so very wonderful.  The boys love these folks -- and so do I.
I gotta floss ....

Monday, June 18, 2007

My kind of day

It's Monday, I'm drinking coffee, and it's raining.  I've been up for a little more than 3 hours (B woke me up in the *nicest* way, heh heh heh) and have already accomplished everything I needed to do today, minus changing the bedding, but frankly, I like to do that right before showering and going to sleep, so it can wait.
I've made cinnamon rolls, gone to the bank, paid the electric bill, took care of Hank, emailed a client. My kids are happily playing with blocks and Hot Wheel tracks and train tracks and cars and trains and such.  They're making some sort of city, complete with hidden explosives. What can I say, they are boys.  At least it's a team effort, eh?  My dog is sleeping (or pretending to sleep) by my side.  There is no tv on, no music on, it's quiet - with the exception of the rain and my loved ones.
For the first time, I'm taking part of our community-wide One Read program.  I'm not sure that I'll participate in any of the group activities, but there's something really neat about reading a book along with an entire town.  I will admit that it's likely that I'm the only one reading this book for the reason that I'm reading it.  Two words: Circus Freaks.  Indeed, that's all it took to hook me.  The book we're reading, Water for Elephants is, so far, amazing.  I'm probably 1/3 of the way through it and I can already say that I cannot wait to read it again.  It's brilliantly written with unbelievable detail - and yet it's not stuffy or hard to get through or anything.  It's fast paced and entertaining and full of dry wit.  I love it.  And I love that today is just perfect for lounging on the couch, listening to the rain, and reading.  Duck and Stealth also have books that they are reading - Duck is reading Scooby Doo chapter books and Stealth is enjoying several Word Bird books.  It's so awesome to look around the room and see my offspring quietly reading to themselves.  Bliss, I'm telling you.
I need a new knitting project. I cannot possibly purchase any more yarn until I get rid of some of what I have.  Unfortunately, I have a zillion and twelve partial hanks of yarn or, in some cases, two or three skeins of a particular yarn.  I'm not sure what I need or want to make, but it has to be a Stash Buster project.  Any ideas?  DDFF, I'm looking to you, girl.  I've got tons of worsted weight stuff and some that would take a size 9 needle well -- but it's all sorts of different stuff: wool, silk, acrylic, mohair, etc.  Some solid, some variegated.  AND I have some novelty yarn - ribbon and boa type stuff.  And, of course, a billion and twelve odds and ends of Ozark left over from previous projects.  All I have in mind so far is another bag and honest to moses, do I need more bags? (shut up, you, I know that I will continue to purchase and create bags until I have so many I cannot even open the door to my closet, but whatever ....)  B is begging for me to find a project (he says I'm getting fidgety,) so help me out!!
I met with, quite possibly, the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet Saturday night.  She's expecting her third child in July and I would love to be a part of it.  I cannot get this woman out of my head.  She was just ... regal.  Man, I love women.  I'm so glad to be one.
Can I just say how much I love B's shaved head?  It's not bald -- just very very short. He's had it like this before, but was also shaving his face then.  It's a whole different ball game now that he's keeping his facial hair ... and he's a bit older.  I love the way he's aging.  He's got a receding hairline and some gray hair here and there (mostly in his beard,) but he's my man and I adore him. 
I just heard one of my children call the other child a, "Foul, evil, offensive cockroach."  Apparently, it was all in play as no one seems to be offended!  All the more evidence to stay out of their play and let them fend for themselves.
I want a new masthead for my blog.  Anyone have ideas?
Ahhhhhhhhh ... the sound of the rain is calling me upstairs to the couch and to my book.  Who am I to resist?